Gairloch for Holidays in the Scottish Highlands

Gairloch is the perfect Scottish holiday destination for everyone wanting to experience a holiday in the Highlands of Scotland, you have everything from beautiful scenery, mountains for hill walking, clean sandy beaches, outdoor sports including golf, windsurfing, sailing, horse riding. There is sea, river and loch fishing as well as many places to visit nearby.

In the Scottish Highlands area of Wester Ross you will discover some of the best, unspoilt scenery in Scotland.

Gairloch looking over Strath

Looking over Strath and Gairloch from the A832 Poolewe road

Self Catering Cottages in Gairloch & the Scottish Highlands Adverts

  • Thornhill Self-catering cottage


  • Opinan Self-catering Cottage

    Opinan Self-catering Cottage

  • Hanna's Cottage at Poolewe

    Hanna's Cottage at Poolewe

  • Torgorm Self-catering Cottage in Gairloch

    Torgorm Self-catering Cottage

  • Poolewe Self-catering Cottage

    Poolewe Self-catering Cottage

  • Laide self-catering cottage

    Laide self-catering cottage

  • Gowan Cottage self-catering

    Gowan Cottage self-catering

  • Camus Na Harry self-catering cottage

    Camus Na Harry self-catering cottage

  • Ach na Clachan self-catering Cottage

    Ach na Clachan self-catering Cottage

  • Lochside self-catering cottage

    Lochside self-catering cottage Holiday Cottages with Scottish Cottages

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    Boat Charter in the Highlands

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Hotels in Gairloch and the Scottish Highlands

The Old Inn at Gairloch

The Old Inn overlooking the harbour area at Charlestown, Gairloch

Gairloch has one of the best beaches in Scotland

We feel Gairloch and Wester Ross have some of the best sandy beaches in Scotland

Scotland for golf and beach holidays - sandy beach and golf course at Gairloch in Wester Ross

Gairloch Beach and Golf Course

Scotland croft

Old croft building near Melvaig

Gairloch caters for visitors and you can find holiday accommodation to suit most requirements, with hotels, self catering cottages, caravans, campsites, bed and breakfast accommodation as well as a Hostel.

Gairloch and the surrounding area is a short scenic drive from Inverness and it takes approximately 2 hrs to drive. As some of the roads leading to holiday cottages and other accommodation may be on single track roads you are advised to plan for slightly longer journeys than you would normally consider for the distances involved.

Cattle by the side of the road near Melvaig

Cattle on the roadside near Melvaig

Most roads in the Highlands are unfenced and sheep, cattle and wild deer can often be seen near the roadside, or on the road so please take your time when driving and enjoy the beautiful scenery along your journey, arrive safely and enjoy your holiday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Gairloch Cottages

Fisherfield for Hill Walking

Map of Scotland


Second Coast near Laide

Bed and Breakfast

Poolewe & Inverewe


Ullapool sea adventure trips

Scottish Highlands

Places to Visit near Gairloch

Badachro near Gairloch

Badachro - Photograph of Badachro Pier next to the Badachro Inn

Inverewe Garden near Poolewe

Inverewe Garden at Poolewe

Gruinard Bay

Gruinard is one of the best beaches in the Highlands.

Fishing boat in the harbour at Ullapool

Fishing boat in the harbour at Ullpool

Gairloch in Pictures


View over Strath Bay at Gairloch

Old Croft near Gairloch

Traditional crofts can still be seen around the Gairloch area

Church at Gairloch

One of the Churches at Gairloch

Fishing on Loch Gairloch

Fishing in the sea

Countryside Scenes

Ducks and Geese in the Scottish Highlands

Ducks and Geese in a sea loch near Gairloch

Highland Cattle

You can often see Highland Cattle or Highlanders around Wester Ross and the Scottish Highlands

Wild goats near Camusnagaul and Dundonnell

Wild Goats near Camusnagaul and Dundonnell, our free Wild Goats photo art image.

Young wild goat near Camusnagaul in Wester Ross Wild Goats in the Highlands Wild goat and and kid in the Highlands Wild goats in the Scottish Highlands

Ducks in the small river near the Old Inn, Gairloch

Ducks in the small river next to the Old Inn, near the Gairloch Harbour. Computer generated picture of the ducks.

Places to Visit

Fishing boat in the harbour at Ullapool

Fishing boat in the harbour at Ullapool

Fisherfield Forest - walking from Gruinard

Estate track towards Fisherfield from Gruinard - see more pictures and map on Fisherfield

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Visit the Scottish Highlands for holidays in Scotland

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